A Sustainable Future for Digital Advertising

Counting Your Carbon Emissions

Powered by Viant’s emissions measurement partner Scope3, our carbon emissions calculator shares emissions generated from your ad campaigns — and the potential renewable energy credits (RECs) you can earn with Adtricity.

Emissions Calculator

Viant Carbon Emissions Calculator Graphic

Viant Carbon Emissions Calculator Graphic

Understanding Digital Advertising’s Carbon Impact

Growing research about carbon emissions generated from digital ad campaigns is changing a long-held belief in the industry — that our marketing campaigns don’t impact the environment.

In fact, the opposite is true.

Recent estimates show a single ad campaign generates roughly 323 tons of carbon dioxide — roughly the equivalent of 160 round-trip flights between Paris and New York. And emissions are only poised to grow — current estimates point to a 40x increase in carbon emissions from internet-connected devices by 2030.

In response, advertisers are increasingly demanding solutions to reduce their carbon footprint.

Why Supply Path Optimization is the Sustainable Choice for Digital Advertising

While today’s programmatic ecosystem is full of contributors to the industry’s carbon footprint, there is one area digital advertising can address today: the crowded supply chain.

Today’s supply chain is filled with multiple auctions and resellers to sell a single publisher’s inventory. Digiday notes that only one auction is needed for this inventory, but securing a willing buyer is imperative for publishers — especially in a rocky economic climate.

To clean up the supply path, AdExchanger reports that industry suppliers have been working with their current partners to optimize performance. Here at Viant, we have been developing our own program to drive supply path efficiency via deeper and more direct connections between publishers and advertisers.

In tandem, another solution that’s become popular in the industry is renewable energy credits (RECs).

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Renewable energy credits, or RECs, are an accounting tool for energy usage claims and provide companies — including those in digital advertising — with a means to help achieve their sustainability goals while fostering U.S. clean energy production.

In practice, purchase of a REC provides one megawatt of clean energy (e.g. solar energy) to match against the non-renewable energy a company uses from the electric grid. The REC purchase also supports the REC market, which in turn incentivizes renewable energy investment and additional clean energy.

That means companies around the nation, even in states that do not offer or produce renewable energy, can use RECs to further support U.S. production of renewable energy while working towards achieving their sustainability goals.

To help advertisers address digital advertising’s carbon footprint, Viant offers Adtricity, a sustainability program that delivers RECs for media investments made through Viant’s DSP.

Infographic of Renewable Energy Credits Process

Achieving Your Sustainability Goals with Viant

Digital Advertising’s Carbon Impact

Explore the latest research about digital advertising’s carbon footprint.


Dive into Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) and why they’ve become a popular way for the industry to address its carbon impact.

Cutting Your Carbon Emissions

Learn how Viant’s Adtricity initiative can help advertisers achieve their sustainability goals while supporting U.S. clean energy infrastructure.

Cutting Your Carbon Emissions at No Extra Cost

Viant’s Adtricity program is designed to help our customers achieve their sustainability goals and support U.S. clean energy production — at no extra cost.*

How it Works

Advertiser signs Adtricity® Addendum.


Media spend with Viant generates clean energy credits (can be tracked on client dashboard).


Viant acquires Green-e® certified RECs and transfers them into the North American Renewables Registry (NAR) twice a year.

* Except applicable exchange retirement/transfer fees.

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