Viant’s Adtricity program is helping our customers achieve their sustainability goals while supporting reinvestment into U.S. clean energy production infrastructure.

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What is Viant’s Adtricity Program?

Adtricity® is an incentive program designed for Viant’s customers that delivers clean energy credits for media investments made through Viant. These credits help Viant’s customers to achieve organizational carbon reduction goals.

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How Does Adtricity Work?

  1. Advertiser signs Viant MSA with Adtricity® Addendum.
  2. Media spend with Viant generates clean energy credits (can be tracked on client dashboard).
  3. Viant provides earned RECs or Offset credits via the North American Renewables Registry (NAR) twice a year to advertisers based on semi-annual spend.

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Why Does Adtricity Matter?

A single ad campaign generates roughly 323 tons of carbon dioxide — or the equivalent of 160 round-trip flights between Paris and New York1.

Now, more than ever, digital advertising needs a solution for a more sustainable future.

1 “Digital advertisers are discovering that their digital-advertising campaigns carry a big carbon tax,” Insider, July 2022

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